01About Me

Hello. I'm Mike.

I am the Lead DBA/Data Engineer at Outcome Health, a digital health tech company in Chicago, Illinois. I have over a decade of experience (mostly in trading & financial markets) serving in roles as a database administrator, data engineer/architect, developer, systems engineer, and data center infrastructure engineer. I attended college at DePaul University.

My professional interests include big data, analytics, devops, algorithmic trading, machine learning, statistical computing, and automation. Some of my other interests include volleyball, football, snowboarding, bass guitar, cooking, cryptocurrencies, web design, and mobile app development.

I have a wife named Jessica and a dog named Finn. They are awesome.

02Skills & Interests


I have extensive experience in database administration and data architecture. This includes design, development, deployment, optimization, and 24/7 production support of SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Aurora, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, Vertica, and Redshift instances.

Big Data

I've designed and built scalable data lakes and the data pipelines that feed them, leveraging technologies such as Amazon S3, Airflow, Kinesis, and Hadoop for batch and streaming ingestion/processing of data into a centralized repository, storing both structured and unstructured data at scale.

Machine Learning

Fascinated with machine learning. Particularly focused on the application of machine learning such as recurrent neutral networks to financial markets. Some tools I regularly use include Jupyter Notebook, scikit-learn, and R.

Algorithmic Trading

I've written, backtested, and deployed strategies across almost all asset classes. I specialize in volatility and currency trading. I use Python with Zipline, Quandl, and the Interactive Brokers API. Quantopian for idea generation.


Red Hat Certified Engineer. Strong background in systems administration, continuous integration, and 24x7 support. Production experience with Amazon AWS, Docker, Terraform, SaltStack, Git, Jenkins, CircleCI, ZooKeeper etc.


Hobbyist web and app developer. I've created high quality, professional websites for businesses and events such as weddings. Some examples include this and this. Cryptocurrency enthusiast. BTC, ETH, XTZ. Tezos delegate at xtz.ai.

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